Which Superfood Are You?


Which Superfood Are You?

Superfood is actually a popular marketing term for unprocessed food supposed to confer unique health benefits, mostly resulting from a superior nutrient content. However, the term is hardly ever used by medical experts, nutritionists and other practitioners, most of whom strongly dispute the claims made by their supporters. For instance, it has been argued that superfoods are generally nutritionally dead foods. They may contain antioxidants or “life sustaining substances”, but are devoid of any nutrients of any kind. The claim is that such foods do not contribute to the well-being of humans.

Nevertheless, there are a few genuine examples of healthy superfoods – some of which have the added benefit of being healthy for you in every way. Grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and seaweeds are examples of healthy whole grains. The best part about these whole grains is that you can eat them in any form that makes you feel better: whole wheat bread, oatmeal, barley, quinoa, or even brown rice. Even if you are not fond of these kinds of grains, you have no excuse not to eat them as they are almost ubiquitous. It’s just that most people who aren’t fond of these foods tend to choose white flour products to prepare them.

Nuts are another example of a good “superfood”. You can eat them plain or you can buy nut butters or spreads specially designed for cooking. An added bonus is that nuts are also very high levels of dietary fiber. High fiber foods help you stay regular and healthy. In addition, nuts are also high levels of dietary fat, which is also important to keep your body healthy. It helps prevent cardiovascular disease, high levels of cholesterol and type II diabetes.

Macadamia nuts are a great example of a good superfood. They are considered to be a “hybrid” food: meaning that they can provide the health benefits of both nuts and seeds, while still maintaining a taste that’s not like any other nut. If you don’t like the taste of a nut, you can leave it off of your superfood list, and just use the seeds or oil as an ingredient for something else. Macadamia nuts are one of the highest quality nuts on the market.

Bananas are another example of some of the world’s most delicious superfoods. But not just any old banana will do! R Ubuntu contains a chemical called potassium, which provides health benefits that go beyond just being delicious. Your body needs plenty of potassium, especially if you are trying to control high blood pressure, muscle cramps, migraine headaches and fatigue. Plus, bananas are also one of the highest levels of vitamin A, which provides the body with many of its vitamin C benefits as well.

Olives, as everyone knows, are another superfood with many health benefits. But did you know that olives can also be a great source of protein? They are great in helping to lower cholesterol levels and control blood sugar. An olive oil diet would provide a great base for adding some other healthy foods to a superfood recipe, such as nuts or fish.

Although these examples are excellent choices for those who are looking for a great source of nutrients, there are some foods that do not meet the criteria for being considered superfoods. In particular, none of the chocolate bars in the world have any real nutritional value. They are simply too refined and they are high in calories for your diet to take them on. They may be delicious, but they are not a real food. This is why the chocolate industry is against adding chocolate to superfoods lists.

That leaves one out as the only true and healthy superfood on the planet; acai berry. Acai berries offer a huge amount of nutrition and it can be easily incorporated into most diets. It does not have any excess calories so it will help with weight loss, especially when paired with a green tea diet. Acai berry is the only superfood that is considered to be both nutritious and natural. Now you know what to look for to find the most healthy and most delicious superfoods!